Now Open

Hey everybody...firstly let me thAnk each and every one of you for tuning in and dropping by the new Almighty Ink Tattoo Brand online store... I'm pretty excited about some ideas I'm going to be able to get out to you in the future here...and also looking forward to seeing who pops up wearing them... Apparently this whole adventure is taking on its own identity... So it's really exciting to see it all coming together of its own accord...  
If you have known me, you may also know about the inspiration behind the name Almighty Ink...Back in 2002 when i had just relocated to Asbury Park after a couple years of being 'away', i was starting out a new sober chapter of my life...with just an air mattress, a color tv , and the clothes on my was a rainy day and i was drawing on the couch in my new apartment, trying to think of a name for my new tattoo endeavor, when the rainclouds parted and shone a sunbeam on my sketchbook....i kid you not, though it smacks of a hallmark just popped into my head. The name Almighty Ink represents to me the divine influence found in everything created with the intention of love for our fellow man/woman. I have always tried to put into tattoos as much personalization and creativity for each individual as possible to give them a literal one of a kind piece of art. Probably not the best way to make alot of money as it consumes alotta time and energy, but there we are.
  Anywho , the merchandise available today is brand new and unseen anywhere on the planet ... The Almighty Ink Spade and Crest shirt is commemorating our grand opening and is going to be a limited edition run of 100 shirts... Kind of a collectors item if it pleases you... The gift certificate mug is an idea that just popped into my head when I needed to print out a gift certificate and get it to my clients.. I was probably drinking a cup of coffee at the time of its inception...who knows ..
So enjoy the stuff!... if you want to send any pictures of you doing whatever it is that YOU like to do,  sporting the Almighty Ink Tattoo Brand,  send me some pics and  I will use some of them as future advertisements and possibly start some kinda portfolio of everyone wearing the AI BRAND ,  everyone who has and continues to support the Arts and myself  throughout my journey as a tattoo artist..
Thank you.
Chris Delaney